Traffic Wave Generator..

I have been running behind, with maintaining and updating some of my own websites. I have been pretty busy with my clients websites, also got wrapped up in a prepper website I am trying to bring back to life. On that note, I have found an incredible software that I am using for that site and it is working greatly!

Also I am using a software to help me with reviews, Yes I did get caught up in all the AI stuff out there and honestly am loving it! Speaking of that, here is the software I am currently using to help bring new social traffic to one of my websites, very easy to set up and gets results almost instantly. Here is a video review of the software.

If you want to get the software for yourself and start getting some of this easy and free traffic, click here

Quick Update

I have been super busy in other aspects of my online actions. I decided to “go back to basics” with some aspects. I have restarted my list building efforts using leadsleap and currently testing . I highly recommend leadsleap it is very user friendly and offers quite a bit for a very fair price.

I will be giving this site a full makeover in a couple months and get back to doing product/service reviews at that time.

If you stop by and check out my site, I want to thank you very much and this site will come back to life soon..


WoW I just realized I haven’t posted here in quite some time. I have been busy in my offline life, and am still doing online mktg with ppc campaigns.

I have been trying to work on a funnel, 1 that will be feed and grow my list definitely. I have the outline and framework fairly set up, just trying to find the time to build it all out. Of course I will be using the leadsleap platform for page building and my list management. I will add this site to my reminder software to keep it updated and get more quality product reviews up.

LeadsLeap Video

For those of you that prefer to get your information in form of video, I did a brief video (13 mins) showing the basics of leadsleap. In time I will be doing more in depth videos showing the various features of the platform, but for now here is the review vid.

If you want to checkout or join leadsleap click the banner below.

LeadsLeap Review..

Hello and thank you for checking out this review on LeadsLeap. This review will be kinda brief as I will be doing a video review in a couple of days and will be posting it here also.

Firstly I have been using various services as an online marketer and spending monthly money for quite awhile. I somewhat feel like a dummy for not jumping into the deep section of LeadsLeap some time ago. When I say it is an affordable option for COMPLETELY running your online biz it would be an understatement.

LeadsLeap offers you everything you need to find success online. The company and service has been around since 2008 and have been quite stable since inception.

What does LeadsLeap offer you? Well they have free and paid memberships. For free you get a whole suite of tools.

 Traffic to your websites. Human, not bot.
 List manager— 10 lists, unlimited subscribers.
 Page builder—10 pages, hosting included.
 Popup creator— 10 popups, hosting included
 Link tracker—Unlimited, with rotator.
And 4 ways to earn money/traffic without leaving the site.

For paid members you get all of that in an unlimited status and a few extras too!

I use the page builder to build my opt in pages now. I will be using the funnel builder for more in depth future funnels. SendSteed is the email service they have and I currently have all my lists there. The link tracker is SO easy to setup and I use that for EVERY link I promote now. I basically utilize 90% of the tools inside LeadsLeap and am super happy that everything I need is in one place now.

The paid membership is comparible to what you would pay for just an email service like aweber and getresponse at only 20 bucks a month and for that you get so much more than you would at other sites. LeadsLeap can replace so many services you may be spending money on currently and save you bucks!

If LeadsLeap sounds like something you want to consider and maybe improve or make your online biz more cost efficient Click Here To Check Out LeadsLeap.


Spectra review

Dpapa has done it again! Dpapa is a warrior+ product vendor and affiliate marketer who has developed some pretty killer software to help others on their affiliate journey.

Spectra what we are looking at today is a cloud based software and training that holds your hand through the process of succedding with native ads in the affiliate marketing space. This software does so much of the work for you by uncovering the top native ads running on top native ad platforms.

As the video states Spectra is a native ad spy tool that helps you pick the right product, the right ad media, the right lander and the audience. Considering all that, the only thing preventing results is taking action..

Get Access To Spectra Now CLICK HERE

To access this amazing software is only a one time payment of 27 bucks! There are upgrade offers also they are:
Spectra Tracking and Split Testing – (OTO 1) $37
Spectra Tracking (OTO 1DS) $27
Spectra DFY Landers + Ads (OTO 2) $67
Spectra DFY Lite (OTO 2DS) $37
Spectra OTO 3 -Advanced Training & Case Studies + Private Inner Circle $97

Affiliate Explosion Kit BONUSES

Here are my KILLER Bonuses for the Affiliate Explosion Kit.

1 Affiliate Traffic Bots App — This 7-in-1 App can help you drive massive amounts of traffic (free and paid) to any affiliate product or site you want.
This product sold over 3500 copies when released, Yours free as a bonus.

2 CopyX Database — Swipe file of top-selling direct mail copy, which helped sell over $1 million of products on ClickBank & JVZoo. This has NEVER been shared outside my private group of friends and elite super affiliates and info marketers

3 Traffic DB (with reseller) — A database of websites (traffic sources) in the Internet marketing/make money niche. Find websites with advertising options, email lists to JV with, FB fanpages to target & more. Cloud-based app. With reseller rights!

The software suite in Affiliate Explosion Kit is awesome, and the bonuses included are OUTSTANDING. With this bundle the only thing keeping you from making money as an affiliate is YOU.

Get The Affiliate Explosion Kit With These Bonuses Click the Button.

Interested in Prezentar? Read BEFORE you buy!

If you’ve ever tried to create good looking, professional presentations for your webinars, courses, tutorials, VSLs, YouTube videos and more… then you’ve probably tried PowerPoint, Prezi and maybe a few other presentation tools.
But there’s a problem — they’re either difficult to master, look like they were made in 1998, too expensive, cheesy, or just don’t help you create the kind of presentations that will grab attention and get people to take action.
That’s why I was excited about a new presentation tool on the market called Prezentar, which claims to be a simplified, cloud-based app that allows you to create professional presentations fast, easy and without the usual monthly fees you’ll get from tools like PowerPoint or Prezi.
So, is Prezentar going to replace PowerPoint and help you create presentations for webinars, videos and other types of content faster and easier than ever before?
In this review, I’ll give you my honest opinion, as I reveal the truth behind this intriguing new tool, so you can decide whether it’s worth the money and if it’s right for you.
What is Prezentar?
Prezentar is a cloud-based app that allows you to create modern, niche presentations quickly and easily, without steep learning curves, additional plugins, or any crazy design skills.
And because its mostly template driven, the hard work is already taken care of.
You just login, pick a template, tweak it, then share it with the world (you can also convert it to a VIDEO or export as PDF or HTML too.)
My first impressions were pretty good.
One thing Prezentar does well is SIMPLICITY.
Even though it’s packed full of tons of powerful features, you’ll never have to spend hundreds of hours trying to figure out how to use it!
It’s packed with amazing templates and has a huge media library that blows Microsoft out of the water.
Plus, if you’ve ever used PowerPoint, you’ll know how cheesy and dated their templates look, especially if you’re trying to create a modern template for niche marketing.
This is where Prezentar really shines through.
Their templates are superb, and you get access to 15 categories of niche designs, including templates in marketing, finance, sports, health, food, hobbies, languages and many more.
Some of the nicest designs, color pallets and overall concepts I’ve ever seen, along with thousands of modern, stylish graphics, animations, icons and images at your disposal, ready to insert into your presentations with a single click.
This is clearly a tool for presentation DIYers who want to get powerful, engaging and persuasive presentations made up fast, without hiring freelancers or blowing wads of cash on tools they don’t need.
In fact, there’s no monthly fees at all, and the upfront cost is so ridiculously low, I actually wonder if they’re losing money during their launch?
Either way, here’s a breakdown of the features Prezentar is packing under the hood:
✅ 50 amazing templates (fully customizable)
✅ Custom branding — add your own logo in
✅ Super simple drag and drop editor
✅ 500+ Google fonts
✅ 50+ Text & Image effects
✅ 8000+ Stock images
✅ 250+ HD Slide backgrounds
✅ Interactive Animations
✅ Audio & Music Studio
✅ Online web stock search
✅ Upload your own images
✅ Save projects in cloud
✅ Image crop tool
✅ Social media sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc)
✅ Share publicly via URL
✅ Built in audio recorder, editor and music studio
✅ Export to PDF, HTML and Video
✅ Commercial License (sell services to clients)
✅ Agency website (comes with a portfolio)

Not too shabby, eh?
That’s a lot of presentation firepower at your disposal for way under $100.
A lot of these graphics and templates alone could set you back $200 or more.
So, one thing is certain — Prezentar is packing heaps of value.

Who is Prezentar for?

Prezentar is clearly for the busy marketer or small business owner who is looking for a fast, low cost way to pump out amazing professional presentations without any steep learning curves.
It’s for people like you, who just want to grab a beautiful template, drag and drop stuff around, tweak, turn it into video and then share with their audience in minutes.
It’s for people who need professional presentations in a hurry, without huge upfront fees or ongoing monthly bills.

You can use Prezentar to create presentations for:
✅ Video courses (Udemy, etc.)
✅ Tutorials
✅ Webinars
✅ Demonstrations
✅ Content Videos
✅ Video Sales Letters (VSL’s)
✅ YouTube videos
✅ Facebook videos
✅ Landing page videos
✅ Seminars and events
✅ Pitch decks for investors
✅ Classrooms or meeting rooms

And heaps more.
How much does Prezentar cost?
Normally $197, but the special launch price is a low one time price of $47.
Are there any upsells?
Prezentar has 4 upsells. You don’t really need all of them to use Prezentar, but I highly recommend them as they’ll come in useful depending on your situation and usage. (Besides, they’re available for a one time price, making it even more irresistible.)

The upgrades available are:
Upsell 1: Prezentar PROFESSIONAL
Prezentar Professional is the turbo charged, or ‘fully-loaded’ version of Prezentar. It will unlock 150 more templates (the best ones are in here), slides, graphics, icons, features, animations and more!
Prezentar is also loaded with an awesome Video Sales Letter creator, which is “locked/hidden” until you upgrade. This is a separate product that’s built into Prezentar, allowing you to create good-looking video sales letters that convert like crazy.
In fact, this video sales letter creator helps you quickly create the same types of video sales letters that are proven to convert up to 10% higher than regular sales pages! There’s also a ‘text to slide’ generator inside allowing you to paste your script and it’ll instantly turn them into slides!
You can then record your voice directly through the dashboard, add music, plus edit it with no extra software or plugins required.
Great for those that want more variety, templates and power.
Highly recommended.

Upsell 2: Prezentar XFACTOR (monthly templates)
This gets you $1,500 worth of fresh, modern presentation templates, graphics, slide backgrounds and icons each month for a full year, for just one small fee (there’s zero recurring charges).
Great for keeping your presentations unique and grabbing attention from month to month (perfect for agencies and other high usage marketers).
It’s incredible value as it works out to a price of a Starbucks since you get templates loaded into your dashboard every month for a whole year for a small one time price.

Upsell 3: Prezentar HALO (a powerful 4—in—1 software suite)
This upgrade is a real beast.
You get 4 powerful apps to help you leverage your presentations for more traffic and sales.
They are:
✅ Flipbook Creator APP. A stunning tool that allows you to turn your presentations into interactive flipbooks that people love right now!
✅ 3D Rotating Carousels APP. A cool design app that showcases your presentation slides and any other content in a spinning carousel that grabs attention and gets people engaged in your content like nothing else I’ve ever seen before!
✅ Hypnotic Transitions APP. A set of professional presentation slide transitions that keep your audience engaged and move them through your slides smoothly, all the way to your sales pitch!
✅ HD Background Skins APP. A bunch of cool video player backgrounds that draw people’s attention to your video to increase views, leads and sales.

Upsell 4: Prezentar’s Auto Job Finder (gets you clients instantly)
Since Prezentar comes with a commercial license this upgrade is a great addition to help you make money.

If you’re going to be using Prezentar to create presentations as a service to get paid, then Prezentar’s Auto Job Finder is something that you need.

It will automatically find you fresh jobs and clients from across various freelance websites and notify you so that you can fulfil them.
A huge time saver and money earner. Some clients will pay as high as $2,000 for you to create and design presentations for them!

Upsell 5: Prezentar Agency Edition
Create presentations faster with teams!
Want to start an agency or currently run one and want to scale and serve more clients?
Well now you can add 25 additional team members to your account to maximize your productivity, clients and revenue worldwide remotely!
Generate a six of seven figure income with Prezentar Agency edition, your backbone for a centralized workforce in a global team account where everyone can collaborate.

What I loved about Prezentar…
Earlier I mentioned how Prezentar might be too simple for some people, but personally, that’s exactly what I love about it most!
I’ve never seen such a simple yet powerful presentation tool. It’s just so easy to use.
You grab a niche template, drag and drop things around, insert or remove elements, then tap to publish.
There are no crazy control panels.
No steep learning curves.
No need to Google for help.
Oh, and no need to download software, because it’s 100% cloud based.
If you’re busy and need to create modern presentations fast, for your courses, webinars, tutorials, sales videos and whatever else, from anywhere in the world… this IS the tool for you.

Who created Prezentar?
The brains behind Prezentar is none other than Adeel Chowdhry — the guy behind several million dollar software launches and a real veteran in the marketing world, with over 10 years of experience and tens of thousands of happy customers.
What does this matter?
I’m not sure about you, but I can tell a lot about a product based on who’s behind it. If the product was created by someone with a solid track record and superb reputation for getting results for his users, then I’m already more willing to try their latest tool out!
He’s created products such as Sqribble and Pixel Studio FX, which have sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide. Prezentar is set to be the next big smash hit that you should get your hands on.
Final thoughts…
Prezentar is aimed at busy people who just want to get the job done fast, without steep learning curves and getting lost in a bunch of features you don’t need and won’t use.
Thanks to the amazing point-and-click templates, huge media library and super simple drag and drop design editor, you can pump out engaging presentations in minutes, not hours or days.
You can also record audio through the software and export your presentations to video, PDF, and share them online immediately.
No need to hire freelancers.
No need to spend hundreds on software licenses.
No monthly fees.

It also comes with a commercial license and agency website, allowing you to generate an income selling services to clients!

I did another review — Traffic Shark

Okay so in the meantime of getting all of my stuff together for building my somewhat stand alone email marketing biz, I have been quite busy.

I also still ebay and starting listing furiously lately and I also took on a web site redesign project for a local campground, and a few other things…

So basically in the midst of all of that I came across Traffic Shark and was pretty impressed with it. I have bought quite a few softwares and e courses over the years and I believe this is a great addition for any affiliate marketer and a phenomenal starting point for the complete beginner. Any way I shot a review video where I walk you through the software, I would’ve done an in-depth demo but it’s so simple and the software training nails it. The vid is below if you want to check it out.

If you want to check out Traffic Shark using my link just click >> HERE<< and thank you very much if you do..

A little update.

I am totally rebuilding my email marketing business from the ground up. I will be using most of the products mentioned in previous posts but have also purchased some other products to put it all together. I will keep updating as I get it all in motion.