Product Review: Money On Demand by Ewen Chia

One day I received quite a compelling email telling me about this Money On Demand program by Ewen Chia. The email said things like, “complete internet businesses included”, “traffic training included”, “very newbie friendly” and so on. So I decided to give it a look.

One day I received quite a compelling email telling me about this Money On Demand program by Ewen Chia. The email said things like, “complete internet businesses included”, “traffic training included”, “very newbie friendly” and so on. So I decided to give it a look.

Yes I did purchase the program it is ONLY 37 bucks!!. It did in fact seem interesting and I was looking forward to writing the review for this program after going through it. As you can see in the image, there is the menu on the left side showing all that is included. Yes there is coaching, and yes there is traffic training.

There are a total of 5 videos on the coaching page. These videos start at the very basics. The videos cover the following topics: Description of affiliate marketing, finding good products to promote as an affiliate marketer, the different marketplaces to use for products, buying and setting up your first domain and website. Also included is list building coaching and funnel builiding and more. These videos are made in a way that they are easy to understand and follow.

The next option in the menu is simple. This is where the business files are located. Remember I said earlier that “complete internet businesses included”. Well here they are. It is a simple page with instruction for downloading the business package. This is a zipped folder, inside are folders for each business included. There are also instruction files for each business included in each folder. Okay this does really include “Done For You” businesses.

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The next menu item is Traffic. This page offers downloads again to the traffic training. There are 6 downloads for free traffic methods and 2 for paid traffic methods. The free methods include things like blog commenting, youtube, forums etc.. The paid methods include solo ad training and pay per click training.

Next is the bonus section, this is simple there are only 2 bonuses included. The first is is ebook cover templates, and the second is training for an html editor software. The next options are “setup”, “software”, “make money” and 4 separate bonuses tabs. The setup tab is the sales page for the setup service. They will basically do ALL the work for you setting up your sites. The software tab is another page offering you an upsell. The make money tab is to signup to the affiliate program, to the product. The bonuses are like many others, where they are either upsells or signup forms for other products.

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This program is only 37 bucks to get going. There are “businesses” included and there is traffic training included as stated. The businesses are pretty easily setup but the option to have the setup service is nice also. As with any program there are upsells and they are a mix of add-ons to this program and other programs offered by same creator Ewen Chia. All the programs put together will enhance each program individually, BUT they are NOT NEEDED to make this one work.

Autopilot Profits Lifetime Membership for $37.00.

  Copy Paste Income for $37.00.

Clickbank Formula – Huge Clickbank Commissions On Autopilot! for $17.00. 

Complete Business Set Up – Your Own Squeeze Page + Blog + Fan Page! for only $297.00

Cash Sites Software – Create UNLIMITED Auto Money-Making Websites! for only $197.00

A Review Of “Secretly”

Secretly is an earning method that is very affordable and very do-able.  This method was put together by Art Flair & Pallab Ghosal, both individuals are very successful online marketers and focus on various aspects of IM, from paid ads, to list building, to free traffic concepts and more.

Now about Secretly:  The system is done in 9 video modules. There are tons of bonus modules after that, but the system is 9 vids.

Module 1: This is the overview of the method, it is about 11 mins and shows you what the method is all about.

Module 2: This module is dedicated to choosing the best products on warrior+. (Warrior+ is a marketplace offering loads of products for sale. ) This is about a 5 minute video and shows you how to correctly choose the products that sell and are profitable.

Module 3: This module is about choosing the best cash network offers. This video is about 4 1/2 minutes long and just shows other earning options.

Module 4: This module is about choosing the best CPA offers. Again giving you a different opportunity to earn with this method. This video is only about 3 minutes long.

Module 5: This module is dedicated to choosing the best clickbank offers(clickbank is a free to join marketplace with loads of products and niches to sell).  This video is super helpful in understanding how clickbank shows stats with their products. This is about a 5 1/2 minute video.

Module 6: This module is an 8 minute video showing you the steps in building a nicely converting squeeze page. Some very good instuctions and tips in here.

Module 7: This module about the “secret” traffic goldmine. This video is a 5 minute video showing you this incredible way of building a list and traffic. This truly is a VERY BIG part of the “Secretly” method. I don’t want to give too much away about this, but I assure you this isn’t the standard “traffic” source that many have seen.

Module 8: This module is a continuation of the Module 7. This 5-1/2 minute video shows you how to set up account and a few other tips regarding the “secret” traffic goldmine.

Module 9:  This is a quick 4 minute video showing you step by step to setting up your first campaign.

The following modules are all bonus traffic modules there are 5 “bonus” traffic modules, they focus on both free and paid proven methods. This is just not someone telling you to blindly “go here for traffic” they are screen share type videos. They show you exactly what they are doing with these sources.

There are various other bonuses included with this method that all compliment the system.

Now for the OTOs (one time offers)

OTO #1 — Case studies and advanced training. This is about 26 bucks.

OTO #2– Done for you platinum pack. This gives you access to the authors proven campaigns, cpa campaigns, email campaigns, done for you squeeze pages, an image pack for use anywhere in marketing, royalty free music bundle for use as background music in vids or other uses. This is about 36 bucks.

OTO #3 — This is the reseller license, this give you the ability to sell this product at 100% profit. You can use their sales pages, sales copy and everything. This is about 67 bucks.

OTO #4– This is the live coaching offer. 6 Live Coaching Calls – We Will Take You By The Hand And Force You To Be Successful Online! The Quickest Way From Zero To 6 Figures. Period. This OTO is 197 bucks.

At the time of this writing the price is ONLY about 12 bucks! The site says it goes up with every sale, so I wouldn’t hesitate too long if I were you. As you can see from this review, this is packed with useful information to get you earning online; and YOU can start this at any experience level from newbie to advanced.  You have little reason to pass this up at this cost so here is the link.

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Yes I do own this program and I did purchase 1 or 2 of the OTOs.  This is an affiliate promotion and I will get a commission from a sale. I did not purchase the re-seller license so I will only get a percentage. I will say that I learned plenty of new stuff from this and have implemented this in my business.