LeadsLeap Review..

Hello and thank you for checking out this review on LeadsLeap. This review will be kinda brief as I will be doing a video review in a couple of days and will be posting it here also.

Firstly I have been using various services as an online marketer and spending monthly money for quite awhile. I somewhat feel like a dummy for not jumping into the deep section of LeadsLeap some time ago. When I say it is an affordable option for COMPLETELY running your online biz it would be an understatement.

LeadsLeap offers you everything you need to find success online. The company and service has been around since 2008 and have been quite stable since inception.

What does LeadsLeap offer you? Well they have free and paid memberships. For free you get a whole suite of tools.

 Traffic to your websites. Human, not bot.
 List manager— 10 lists, unlimited subscribers.
 Page builder—10 pages, hosting included.
 Popup creator— 10 popups, hosting included
 Link tracker—Unlimited, with rotator.
And 4 ways to earn money/traffic without leaving the site.

For paid members you get all of that in an unlimited status and a few extras too!

I use the page builder to build my opt in pages now. I will be using the funnel builder for more in depth future funnels. SendSteed is the email service they have and I currently have all my lists there. The link tracker is SO easy to setup and I use that for EVERY link I promote now. I basically utilize 90% of the tools inside LeadsLeap and am super happy that everything I need is in one place now.

The paid membership is comparible to what you would pay for just an email service like aweber and getresponse at only 20 bucks a month and for that you get so much more than you would at other sites. LeadsLeap can replace so many services you may be spending money on currently and save you bucks!

If LeadsLeap sounds like something you want to consider and maybe improve or make your online biz more cost efficient Click Here To Check Out LeadsLeap.