Spectra review

Dpapa has done it again! Dpapa is a warrior+ product vendor and affiliate marketer who has developed some pretty killer software to help others on their affiliate journey.

Spectra what we are looking at today is a cloud based software and training that holds your hand through the process of succedding with native ads in the affiliate marketing space. This software does so much of the work for you by uncovering the top native ads running on top native ad platforms.

As the video states Spectra is a native ad spy tool that helps you pick the right product, the right ad media, the right lander and the audience. Considering all that, the only thing preventing results is taking action..

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To access this amazing software is only a one time payment of 27 bucks! There are upgrade offers also they are:
Spectra Tracking and Split Testing – (OTO 1) $37
Spectra Tracking (OTO 1DS) $27
Spectra DFY Landers + AdsĀ (OTO 2) $67
Spectra DFY Lite (OTO 2DS) $37
Spectra OTO 3 -Advanced Training & Case Studies + Private Inner Circle $97