Leased Ad Space Affiliate program review.

Okay, LeasedAdSpace(LAS) is an advertising platform that offers a pretty straight forward affiliate program.

The product offered through LAS is the number commodity on the internet   TRAFFIC.  LAS offers 7 different traffic packages, the contents of the packages range from banner impressions, text ad impressions and solo ads and more. The packages offer different NON-RENEWABLE impression amounts. The solo ad send frequency is based on the packaged purchased. The highest tier package does offer renewable impressions on a monthly basis. They also have their “para adboard” this is a stand alone ad and NOT included in the traffic packages, however they ARE eligible for commissions. There are other traffic tools available including a free blog.

Now for the affiliate information….

There is a one time setup fee for new affiliates, the amount is 10 bucks 1 time.  They base the commission structure on your own traffic package purchase however you DO NOT need to own a traffic package to be an affiliate!

The structure is simple. This used to be a matrix. That has changed. When you refer a member and that member makes a purchase you get the commission. You DO NOT need to own the product to make a commission for selling said product.  (ie: if you own the basic traffic package and your referral buys the most expensive you still get commission, no pass up or anything like that).  Only the percentage of that commission is based on your level.

Taken from the LAS site

Commission Rates and Payout Frequency

“Our commission rates are based on the traffic package you yourself own. However, owning a package is not required to be an affiliate, nor is it required to earn commissions. You can earn commissions on sales without purchasing any packages yourself.  Having said that, we encourage all affiliates to also purchase and use the advertising that they are trying to sell. It’s a little hard to convince a lead to purchase something that you yourself don’t actually own or haven’t used yourself. As such, we reward serious affiliates who have invested the time, money and energy in to really understanding our poducts, how to leverage their value, and how to sell them, with higher commission payouts. The three commissions tiers are:

Recruit -25% commission on all sales they refer. Recruits (free members) do not themselves own a traffic package.
Soldier- 50% commission on all sales they refer. Soldiers own at least one traffic package themselves.
General  – 75% commission on all sales they refer. Generals own the Red Diamond traffic package.

Again, you are not required to purchase anything to become an affiliate, but you will probably also be less successful with the affiliate program if you do not.  Our commissions are paid out to affiliates on a monthly basis. Commission runs start on the 15th of the month and payout is usually complete by the 20th.”

There are a couple very simple requirements to remain eligible for payments (to stay an active affiliate)

  1. New affiliates must pay a one time setup fee of $10. Current LAS members who already own traffic packages are grandfathered in and do not need to pay this fee. The fee is payable only once, regardless of how many times you disable and enable your affiliate services.
  2.  US residents, you must provide us with a fully executed copy of a IRS W-9 form. Instructions for providing this can be found in the affiliates tools area of your back office.
  3. You must have activity on your account in the prior 180 days. Qualifying activity includes: logging in to your LAS account, using any of your purchased LAS advertising services and receiving inbound hits to your affiliate link. If your account goes dormant for 180 days or more in any of the previously listed ways, we will immediately deactivate your affiliate account.
  4. You must maintain a valid, active, and “non bouncing” email address where we can reach you with information regarding your LAS affiliate account. If your email bounces when we try and reach you we will immediately suspend your affiliate status.
  5. You must be able to receive your commission payments via one of: PayPal, Bitcoin.

All in all I think LAS has pretty good affiliate program selling a very good product. If you would like to join LAS as a customer or an affiliate please click any of the links in this post to check it out.