My Piggyback Payday Review

Hey there everyone,  it has been a little since I did a review. I was looking at some of the products I own and have used and found a good one I should review.  It is called Piggyback Payday, here is a review.

Piggyback Payday was created by Tom E. Chad Rego, and Jay Slomba. These guys by themselves and collectively have brought some really great products to the online marketing world. They are really well known for a product called Arbitrage Underdog, launched in 2013, it is still being used and sold today by over 15000 people. They stay on top of their products with updates and customer service. Now on to this review of Piggyback Payday.

Piggyback Payday is an automation software that automates the process of posting and building a following on instagram. This allows you to focus on  creating sales.  This software makes the entire process easier and automated.

There are 7 extensive videos showing the process of setting up the Piggyback Payday software and how to get the whole set up to make you money.   This software uses the power of “shout outs” to help build your following and traffic. The software has a search function that allows you to find who you would like contact and you can contact them right in the software! Makes the whole thing pretty easy.

A “shout out” on instagram (if you are unaware) is basically someone that has a big following will post your content on their account for a certain amount of time. In that post you could have your IG tag or a url in the comments, this will help build your personal following and send traffic. Why would someone do this for you?  Well you would offer to pay them a small amount for the “shout out”. The majority of users on IG are not monetizing or using the account for marketing. So if they could make 5/10/20 bucks for doing something like this, they would typically go for it.

You could use the software that is Piggyback Payday to promote all sorts of things, from an ecom store or product to affiliate products or even amazon products or anything you may want to get traffic too, even a youtube vid or blog post.

Piggyback Payday is very affordable at 9.97 (at time of this writing) especially considering that the creators keep updating and supporting their products.  There are only 3 upsells in the system and they are:

OTO1 – Piggyback Payday Pro – Twice the profits, twice as fast! We’ve created a ‘super charged’ version of the FE that your subscribers won’t be able to resist. Whereas the FE produces 20 results, the PRO version produces hundreds. It also has built-in contact-templates, so the user never has to use their browser; it all happens within the software. PRO also reminds you who you’ve already contacted, and keeps notes on each customer, so you’ll never contact someone twice by accident. All this literally amounts to twice the profits in half the time.

OTO2 – Piggyback Payday Gold Digger is another piece of Piggyback software that allows users to dramatically increase profits. The software finds the hottest selling products for this method, so that users can dramatically ramp up their profit margin.

OTO3   – 2 Weeks of live coaching and Q&A along with a lifetime mastermind group for support.


This indeed is a powerful software indeed. The OTO’s are great add ons but completely optional to the operation of this product.

Are you ready to give Piggyback Payday a shot to help grow your business? 
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Leased Ad Space Affiliate program review.

Okay, LeasedAdSpace(LAS) is an advertising platform that offers a pretty straight forward affiliate program.

The product offered through LAS is the number commodity on the internet   TRAFFIC.  LAS offers 7 different traffic packages, the contents of the packages range from banner impressions, text ad impressions and solo ads and more. The packages offer different NON-RENEWABLE impression amounts. The solo ad send frequency is based on the packaged purchased. The highest tier package does offer renewable impressions on a monthly basis. They also have their “para adboard” this is a stand alone ad and NOT included in the traffic packages, however they ARE eligible for commissions. There are other traffic tools available including a free blog.

Now for the affiliate information….

There is a one time setup fee for new affiliates, the amount is 10 bucks 1 time.  They base the commission structure on your own traffic package purchase however you DO NOT need to own a traffic package to be an affiliate!

The structure is simple. This used to be a matrix. That has changed. When you refer a member and that member makes a purchase you get the commission. You DO NOT need to own the product to make a commission for selling said product.  (ie: if you own the basic traffic package and your referral buys the most expensive you still get commission, no pass up or anything like that).  Only the percentage of that commission is based on your level.

Taken from the LAS site

Commission Rates and Payout Frequency

“Our commission rates are based on the traffic package you yourself own. However, owning a package is not required to be an affiliate, nor is it required to earn commissions. You can earn commissions on sales without purchasing any packages yourself.  Having said that, we encourage all affiliates to also purchase and use the advertising that they are trying to sell. It’s a little hard to convince a lead to purchase something that you yourself don’t actually own or haven’t used yourself. As such, we reward serious affiliates who have invested the time, money and energy in to really understanding our poducts, how to leverage their value, and how to sell them, with higher commission payouts. The three commissions tiers are:

Recruit -25% commission on all sales they refer. Recruits (free members) do not themselves own a traffic package.
Soldier- 50% commission on all sales they refer. Soldiers own at least one traffic package themselves.
General  – 75% commission on all sales they refer. Generals own the Red Diamond traffic package.

Again, you are not required to purchase anything to become an affiliate, but you will probably also be less successful with the affiliate program if you do not.  Our commissions are paid out to affiliates on a monthly basis. Commission runs start on the 15th of the month and payout is usually complete by the 20th.”

There are a couple very simple requirements to remain eligible for payments (to stay an active affiliate)

  1. New affiliates must pay a one time setup fee of $10. Current LAS members who already own traffic packages are grandfathered in and do not need to pay this fee. The fee is payable only once, regardless of how many times you disable and enable your affiliate services.
  2.  US residents, you must provide us with a fully executed copy of a IRS W-9 form. Instructions for providing this can be found in the affiliates tools area of your back office.
  3. You must have activity on your account in the prior 180 days. Qualifying activity includes: logging in to your LAS account, using any of your purchased LAS advertising services and receiving inbound hits to your affiliate link. If your account goes dormant for 180 days or more in any of the previously listed ways, we will immediately deactivate your affiliate account.
  4. You must maintain a valid, active, and “non bouncing” email address where we can reach you with information regarding your LAS affiliate account. If your email bounces when we try and reach you we will immediately suspend your affiliate status.
  5. You must be able to receive your commission payments via one of: PayPal, Bitcoin.

All in all I think LAS has pretty good affiliate program selling a very good product. If you would like to join LAS as a customer or an affiliate please click any of the links in this post to check it out.

A Review Of “Secretly”

Secretly is an earning method that is very affordable and very do-able.  This method was put together by Art Flair & Pallab Ghosal, both individuals are very successful online marketers and focus on various aspects of IM, from paid ads, to list building, to free traffic concepts and more.

Now about Secretly:  The system is done in 9 video modules. There are tons of bonus modules after that, but the system is 9 vids.

Module 1: This is the overview of the method, it is about 11 mins and shows you what the method is all about.

Module 2: This module is dedicated to choosing the best products on warrior+. (Warrior+ is a marketplace offering loads of products for sale. ) This is about a 5 minute video and shows you how to correctly choose the products that sell and are profitable.

Module 3: This module is about choosing the best cash network offers. This video is about 4 1/2 minutes long and just shows other earning options.

Module 4: This module is about choosing the best CPA offers. Again giving you a different opportunity to earn with this method. This video is only about 3 minutes long.

Module 5: This module is dedicated to choosing the best clickbank offers(clickbank is a free to join marketplace with loads of products and niches to sell).  This video is super helpful in understanding how clickbank shows stats with their products. This is about a 5 1/2 minute video.

Module 6: This module is an 8 minute video showing you the steps in building a nicely converting squeeze page. Some very good instuctions and tips in here.

Module 7: This module about the “secret” traffic goldmine. This video is a 5 minute video showing you this incredible way of building a list and traffic. This truly is a VERY BIG part of the “Secretly” method. I don’t want to give too much away about this, but I assure you this isn’t the standard “traffic” source that many have seen.

Module 8: This module is a continuation of the Module 7. This 5-1/2 minute video shows you how to set up account and a few other tips regarding the “secret” traffic goldmine.

Module 9:  This is a quick 4 minute video showing you step by step to setting up your first campaign.

The following modules are all bonus traffic modules there are 5 “bonus” traffic modules, they focus on both free and paid proven methods. This is just not someone telling you to blindly “go here for traffic” they are screen share type videos. They show you exactly what they are doing with these sources.

There are various other bonuses included with this method that all compliment the system.

Now for the OTOs (one time offers)

OTO #1 — Case studies and advanced training. This is about 26 bucks.

OTO #2– Done for you platinum pack. This gives you access to the authors proven campaigns, cpa campaigns, email campaigns, done for you squeeze pages, an image pack for use anywhere in marketing, royalty free music bundle for use as background music in vids or other uses. This is about 36 bucks.

OTO #3 — This is the reseller license, this give you the ability to sell this product at 100% profit. You can use their sales pages, sales copy and everything. This is about 67 bucks.

OTO #4– This is the live coaching offer. 6 Live Coaching Calls – We Will Take You By The Hand And Force You To Be Successful Online! The Quickest Way From Zero To 6 Figures. Period. This OTO is 197 bucks.

At the time of this writing the price is ONLY about 12 bucks! The site says it goes up with every sale, so I wouldn’t hesitate too long if I were you. As you can see from this review, this is packed with useful information to get you earning online; and YOU can start this at any experience level from newbie to advanced.  You have little reason to pass this up at this cost so here is the link.

>>>>>> Click Here To Get Secretly <<<<<<


Yes I do own this program and I did purchase 1 or 2 of the OTOs.  This is an affiliate promotion and I will get a commission from a sale. I did not purchase the re-seller license so I will only get a percentage. I will say that I learned plenty of new stuff from this and have implemented this in my business.

Quick Review Of E-E-C

Hi folks,

Today I want to do a review of Earn Easy Commissions.  This is a fairly new platform to earn money. This one is slightly different than some of the the others out there.  At the basic level this one is completely free!!

As a FREE member (no credit card/no hidden fees, no upgrades required) this is how you will get paid:

You earn $1 per Qualified Member that you refer to the program

You earn 10% on all VIP Upgrades. In other words, when your referrals upgrade to VIP

That is pretty simple to earn for free. Basically share the site, when someone (qualified) opts in and confirms (basically joining) you will get the credit for the join.  After that it is up to you via email or some sort of contact to nurture the relationship and get them to upgrade to VIP.

What do you get as a FREE member?

Access to “done for you marketing materials” including  11 email swipes (for use after you get the opt in. these are selling the upgrade) various banners and images for use on facebook. Also the video series by the owner doing a ‘case study’ titled 0-10k journey.

You can earn even more commissions including 50% commissions, Tier 2 commissions, Recurring Commissions and up to $500 commissions when you become a VIP Partner.

How much is the VIP costs?

There are two options you can choose from to upgrade to VIP:

  1. Become a Lifetime VIP for $1,000 OR
  2. Become a Monthly VIP for $100/ month for 12 months.

Here’s exactly what get when you become a VIP Partner today: 

  1. $1.20 / “qualified lead”
  2. 50% of VIP Sales (e.g. $500 for $1,000 VIP sales or $50/ month for $100/ month VIP sales)
  3. GetResponse Commissions
  4. ClickMagick Commissions
  5. Traffic Commissions
  6. Exclusive VIP Commissions
  7. Digital Elites Academy
  8. VIP Inner Circle
  9. Chuck’s Personal Coaching
  10. LIMITED SUPER BONUS: 20% Tier 2 VIP Sales Commissions (only for Lifetime VIP Partners)

This a great earning system for a complete newbie and the advanced marketer that already has a list. This opportunity can and does make nice money.

To check out Earn Easy Commissions go here

First Product Review. Profit7

Hello all

This is the first post on this site and I want to review a product called Profit7.  Trevor and Paul, two very established internet marketers put this course together. They built it for the newbie and advanced marketer alike.

I have purchased this product and based on that I will be writing this review.  Sometimes these products are the same thing rehashed with 1 or 2 new twists or methods. However Profit7 is done differently. These guys put together 7 PROVEN methods that will be new to some and some experienced marketers will see them and understand how they are profitable.

Okay at first glance, you will see the page below. The text will catch your eye above anything else.

Once you own this product, of course you will be offered the “one time offers” or OTOs. I will list them at the bottom of this review. What will you get with just the course? Well all methods are shown in video “over the shoulder” format, where you see some diagram drawings, then basically watch as they do the actual method for you. Complete “over the shoulder” walk through.  Here are the titles of the 7 and a quick description.

Continue the review — Or you can skip it and get started with Profit7 by Clicking Here.

Fast Cash Method #1 — The Underground Profit Method.    In this video he shows a simple method that was used to get him to 100 bucks per day. This a long standing “evergreen” method that works, and is simple. (may not work overnight but does indeed work). He shows step by step what to do.

Fast Cash Method #2 — Under The Radar Method.   In this course he shows a solid passive income method that works well.  He does this method completely with free traffic also. Which is always a plus due to not needing extra budget to make it work.

Fast Cash Method #3 — The Snowball Method.   This one builds and increases over time. This one deals with affiliate and cpa, also gives you the time tested traffic source, the best networks to use to monetize this method.

Fast Cash Method #4 — The Affiliate Sniper Method.  This one is great and very, very simple and it does work. This is the first one I tried after getting the course. It takes you by the hand and shows you product selection and then offers traffic ideas. This method can be a very fast cash maker.

Fast Cash Method #5 — The Out Of The Box Method.  This one shows you a affiliate strategy including driving traffic. This is an under utilized method that can bring in massive traffic (without the middle man) and is basically a set and forget method.

Fast Cash Method #6 — The Teaser Method.  This is a method or income model, that he has ever shared this method and it is one that he personally used to make over 1000 per month. This one uses a unique twist to an otherwise proven method.

Fast Cash Method #7 — The Domination Method.  This is an income model which has the potential to make you a full time income just on it’s own. I use this method in my business and it makes me around $3,000 – $6,000 per month.

Those are the modules included. As you should be able to see, this course could have easily been broken up into quite a few different courses and still been extremely valuable. Now lets take a look at the “OTOs”.


All in all I believe that this is a great product for the newbie and experienced marketer alike. I believe that the methods shown in this course are indeed under used. I am somewhat a believer in saturation of methods/products/niches. This methods in this course I do not think would ever run into that issue.


Check Out Profit7 For Yourself And Start Your Online Earning Journey