About this site — Steps To Earn.

Hello everyone,   my name is Elmer, and I have been involved in internet marketing in some form since about 2004. I have done affiliate marketing, cpa marketing, dabbled in network and social network marketing.  I am constantly trying to learn more as the technology changes (and boy does it change!!).  I want to help others find solid ways to make money online. I was lucky enough to find alot of great mentors when I got started via a forum I joined.  They showed me the basics of marketing online. Sure every niche or method may be different but marketing is marketing.

With this site I want to focus on Product Reviews. In most cases these will be products that I have purchased. I feel that is the best way for ME to give an honest review. I will share with you the product and my thoughts on it. I will try my absolute best to bring only quality products to review. I am not a fan giving a bad review on something due to the simple fact that different things work for different people. What I will try to do is give an HONEST review.

Thank you for checking out my website I hope you find value in what I am posting and that you can find something that can help you make some extra money.